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It isn’t always a fun task to manage your phone because of how tiny most mobile phone screens are. Being able to organize your mobile phone from your computer is much more attractive but having the proper drivers to do so are hard to find. With Sky PC Suite this becomes a piece of cake.

This software is made for Sky mobile phone owners who wish to hook their cell phone up to their computers in order to work on them from a more enjoyable environment. With Sky PC Suite you will get all of the necessary drivers as long as you have either Windows XP or Windows 7.

Sky PC Suite lets you do many things for your phone from your computer such as change the wallpaper, transfer new ringtones and you can even organize your contacts. This is an excellent tool to transfer files to and from your phone such as pictures and videos.

The Sky PC Suite contains in the package the drivers for Windows XP and 7, the actual Phone suite for the Sky mobile phones and a user manual. The Phone suite contains the following options:

- The PhoneBook to add, edit and delete contacts from the phone and the PC

- Message for managing your SMS and e-mails on the phone and the PC.

- The Settings tab is for connection management and SMS settings

- Images is for setting up your phone wallpaper

- The Melody button is for ringtones setup

- MMS is for multimedia messages management.

- The file manager can be used to handle other file types.

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No special requirements

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